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Clogged or slow drains are common plumbing issues that, if left untreated, can lead to even bigger problems. It’s important to resolve minor drain issues with drain cleaning before a major sewer line backup occurs. If you are experiencing a wastewater backup, don’t wait—call Crown Plumber to get your drain cleared today!

Our drain cleaning experts service Loudoun County and surrounding areas.

If you have a clogged drain or you need drain rooter service, call Crown Plumber now at 703-777-8600 for same day service. We can fix any plumbing problem you’re facing—guaranteed!now!


From kitchen sinks to main line sewer stoppages we’ve seen it all! Our certified, professional technicians have the latest drain cleaning equipment to solve your issues. We have decades of experience providing drain and plumbing rooter service and protecting drainage systems. We will get it cleared for you—the first time, every time!


Our plumbers in the Loudoun County and surrounding areas have seen and done it all when it comes to clogged drains. We have the experience, expertise, and tools to fix a wide variety of issues, and our extensive drain cleaning services include:

Don’t see your problem listed? Call 703-777-8600 and ask us about it! We’ve seen (and fixed) drains clogged with everything from hair and soap scum to cat litter and kids’ toys!


For regular drain maintenance you can rinse your drains with a large pot of very hot water (followed up with cool water) or a 1:1 solution of baking soda and vinegar followed by hot water the next morning. These maintenance techniques will help prevent gunk from building up in the first place.

However, DIY drain cleaning methods rarely solve the problem if you’ve been sending things down your drains (that includes your toilet) that you shouldn’t be—like eggshells, coffee grounds, feminine products, “flushable” wipes, or gobs of hair in the shower —you may end up with a giant wad of items in your pipes that can neither dissolve nor move further to the public sewer system. When that’s the case, you need the help of a professional to get the clog loose. Baking soda and vinegar just won’t cut it.

And just so we’re clear—stay away from chemical drain cleaners! They will eat away at your pipes and often don’t solve your problem anyway. In many cases, trying to fix a clogged drain yourself can make things worse. Your money is better spent on professional plumbing services.


Properly flowing drains are critical to your home’s safety and efficiency. If you’re worried about your drains or fear you may have a clog, take a look at some of the common questions our experts receive from homeowners just like you!

For regular drain maintenance, it can be helpful to rinse your drains with hot water, followed by cool water. You may also wish to use a 1:1 solution of baking soda and vinegar, followed by flushing the drain with hot (not boiling) water. This will help prevent soap scum and other gunky buildup from gathering in your drains and impeding their flow.

One crucial piece of advice we always give is to stay away from chemical drain cleaners! These will eat away at not only your clog, but your plumbing system as well, and can cause costly damage over time.

This occurs when tree roots make their way into your sewer line, and it is one of the biggest causes of clogs in main sewer drains. Tree roots seek out water sources, and if they find a crack in your sewer pipe, they will gradually work their way in to reach the water flowing inside. If you have tree root infiltration, you’ll need to schedule rooter services with your local plumbing expert to fix the problem.

When you have a tough clog that is backing up the water in your drain, here are a few methods you can try before enlisting the help of a professional:

  • Baking soda and vinegar, followed by flushing the drain with hot water
  • Snake or auger to break up and remove the clog
  • Cup plunger for small clogs in your sink or drain

Notice that chemical drain cleaners are NOT on this list. That’s because, unbeknownst to many homeowners, liquid chemical drain cleaners can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, eating away at your pipes and causing expensive damage. If you want to try a liquid drain cleaner, opt for an all-natural enzymatic product that won’t have harsh effects on your plumbing.

When you attempt drain cleaning on your own, you may get the water flowing again, but chances are you only partially removed the buildup causing your clog—meaning it will come back sooner or later. The professional drain cleaning plumbers at Crown Plumber have the innovative tools and techniques necessary to get rid of your clog in its entirety, removing years’ worth of buildup and gunk from your pipes and ultimately extending the service life of your plumbing system.

If you have water backing up in your drain or bathtub, this indicates that you have a clog or blockage in your water line somewhere. If your drains have buildup of soap scum, lint, or grease, they can form a gunky barrier that prevents water from flowing freely. Since water can’t flow, it will collect in your pipes and eventually make its way back out of your drain. To completely clear the blockage, you’ll need the help of your local plumbing expert—Len The Plumber’s team of skilled drain cleaners will remove your blockage entirely so that your water flows freely again!


We’ve got all the latest in drain cleaning equipment from motorized snakes to root cutters and more. No drain cleaning job is too small or too large for our licensed and certified plumbers in the Loudoun County and surrounding areas.

In need of a sewer and drain cleaning company “near me” Loudoun County and surrounding areas? Call 703-777-8600 today or schedule service online, and we’ll get your drain cleaning issue resolved ASAP!

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